The vineyards of Iowa's Loess Hills would like to welcome you to the birthplace of Iowa Wine.

Please note that vineyards with an asterisk(*) are not currently open to the public.

Vineyard in Loess Hills Western Iowa In 1857, Algernon S. Bonham planted the first commercial vineyard in Iowa just outside of Council Bluffs. By 1893, the Council Bluffs Grape Growers Association was formed and membership quickly grew to over 200 members with over 700 acres of grapes under cultivation. By 1919, Iowa ranked sixth in U.S. grape production.

Western Iowas rich history as a grape and wine producer is due to the unique advantages provided by the Loess Hills. The Loess soil resembles that found in southern France and the Rhine and Moselle river valleys in Germany, three world-renowned grape and wine regions. Combined with the soil, the Loess Hills undulating terrain provides the air drainage necessary to grow high-quality grapes.

Todays vineyards continue to enjoy the advantages afforded by the Loess Hills and Western Iowa is experiencing a grape and wine renaissance.

Freshly Picked Grapes at Black Squirrel Vineyard and Winery

Black Squirrel Vineyard and Winery

(712) 566-2681

18506 270th St Council Bluffs, IA 51503

The Black Squirrel Vineyard and Winery is a small certified organic operation that focuses on quality grape and aronia berry production. The Black Squirrel Vineyard and Winery was established in 2002. Our vineyard consists of 7 1/2 acres of grapes and 7 acres of aronia berries.

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Vineyards at Burkhart Vineyards

Burkhart Vineyards*


63966 250th St Glenwood, IA 51534

Burkhart Vineyards has been serving the community since 2009. We specialize in growing cold hardy grapes in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa. We offer quality and reliable products and services you can count on.

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Vineyards at The Bon Croix Vineyard during sunset

The Bon Croix Vineyard*

(712) 737-3845

4757 Jackson Ave Orange City, IA 51041

The Bon Croix Vineyard is a family owned and operated vineyard in Northwest Iowa. Due to the area's climate, we've planted three different varieties of cold-hardy grapes. When the vineyard was started in 2008, we planted 230 vines of a variety called Frontenac.

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Wedding  by the Vineyards at The Fountains Ballroom and Vineyards

The Fountains Ballroom and Vineyards

(712) 526-2426

51496 230th St Glenwood, IA 51534

The Fountains Ballroom & Vineyard is a unique Vineyard tucked into the Loess Hills of Iowa. Come spend the day tasting our wines, or book us for any event. Our services and expertise go far beyond a place to rent for the day. Our concept is so, so much more.

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